Sunset Finder : Shows Sunset Times for Any City in the World

There are two times everyday when we all like to visit the beach – one is very early morning at the sunrise and another is in the evening when sun sets. Both times, the beach becomes serene and beautiful as the Sun appears like a big orange ball dipping into the ocean.

Even though we can quickly find out about the sunset or sunrise times just by searching about them on the internet, there is a much faster method through the use of an app called Sunset Finder. This app can be set to display the sunrise and sunset times for any city in the world. It can even display the timings for precise locations set using the Google map.

As we launch this app, we are presented with a list of cities from all over the world. We can also search for cities or countries using a search box. As soon as we select a city, it takes us to the Google Maps. We can adjust the location by moving the pin on the Google Maps. Using this method, we can even locate places that are very near a particular city.

Sunset Timer

When a city or place is selected, it will then display a wealth of information about that place. It displays the sunrise time, sunset time and the moon phases. If we switch to the detailed view for any of these categories, we can have a look at the information for the whole month. For example, under the sunset category, it displays the sunset time for one month in advance. You can also add a location to your favorites list so that you can access that location frequently.

Sunset Timer

Sunset Finder is a very useful tool if you want to catch the sun taking a dip in the ocean at the right moment. These are the perfect times for snapping your pictures with the Sun rising or setting in the background.

You can get the Sunset Finder app for Android from