Threema : Secure Encrypted Messenger App for Everyone

Threema is a secure encrypted messenger app that falls in the same category as Signal and Telegram. It is available for Android devices as well as for the iOS platform. The app offers a high grade end-to-end encryption for all sorts of communications whether it is text chats, audio calls or video calls.

While so many of the other apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger demand all sorts of personal information and your mobile number before you can use them, Threema does not ask anything. As soon as you install Threema on your Android device, it provides you with a randomly generated ID. This ID is how others will contact you. By not requiring your mobile number or other personal identifying information, it keeps your identity very much private.

Threema offers very strong end-to-end encryption. The app itself is open-source and anyone can check its source code both to find any problems and to add new features. The app has been designed to generated very little user data which ensures user privacy. Threema does not display any promotions and this is why user activity is neither recorded no tracked. Threema developers even hire professional auditors to check their app’s security standards.


Threema has also introduced a web client and a desktop client recently. The web client can be used from within any modern web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. The desktop client is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. These desktop clients work exactly like the web client. You have to scan the QR code displayed inside the Threema desktop client window using the Threema app installed on your smartphone. This establishes a connection and then you can start using the Threema app on your desktop computers.

You can get Threema app for Android, for iOS and for Desktop from