Watermark, Resize, Tag or Rename Pictures with Digital Image Tool

Digital Image Tool is a Windows application that can make things easier when you have to apply the same image manipulation operation to multiple images. It is able to add image-based watermarks, rotate, rename, resize, crop or tag your images.

Developers have made Digital Image Tool very easy to work with. In its window there is a list on the top-left window, you have to add image files to this list. The images in this list can also be removed or deleted if you change your mind later.

As you select one of the images from the list, its preview is displayed in the Digital Image Tool window. It also displays the loaded image’s size in terms of pixels. You can choose a destination folder where the modified images are to be saved. You can also pick an image type for the destination images such as JPG and its quality in terms of percentage.

Digital Image Tool

For adding the watermarks, you have to select the “Watermark” tab in the window. You can choose the watermark position, size, transparency, and also choose the watermark image. It allows you to use transparent PNG images as the watermarks. There seems to be no provision for adding text based watermarks.

Similarly, other operations can be selected from their respective tabs such as “Renaming”. We can append strings to the file names, prepend some strings to the file names, replace the blanks with underscores, search for strings and replace them with other strings, or numbering of the files.

Digital Image Tool also allows for image tagging but not using the metadata. Instead it adds tags by adding a text to the image. For example, you can add the date and time to the image, location or the occasion or any other custom information.

You can download Digital Image Tool from https://digitalimagetool.digitalliquid.com/.