XSHELL : Powerful SSH, Rlogin, SFTP, Telnet Client for Windows

When it comes to Telnet and Serial connections, the name of very popular PuTTy software comes to mind. While PuTTy is a really good software, we can get even more from Xshell. It is a very powerful client for Telnet, Rlogin, SFTP and SSH protocols. In fact, Xshell was built on top of the same code that was previously used in the PuTTy program. While PuTTy offers a compact and portable user experience, Xshell offers a much more extensive user interface and includes many more functions.

The primary goal of Xshell is to make the terminal found on Linux available to the Windows users. You will find the user interface also looks like you have launched terminal on a Linux computer. After launching Xshell, we can type in help to view all the supported commands.  Some of these commands require that you install some of the other software from the same developer such as XFTP. For example if you want to connect to an FTP server, then you may have to first installed XFTP.


Xshell is mainly used to connect to remote computers or networks. It can also connect to various devices that support a Serial cable connection such as routers or mobile phones. It can also be used to execute various Windows commands through the built-in local console. We can launch PowerShell, Kali, Ubuntu, Debian, bash, WSL and the regular Windows cmd.exe command window.

The program is available for free to any user only for the personal use. In case you want to use it for commercial purposes, for example in an organization, then we can test it for 30 days in a trial version, and then purchase a license. For the personal free version, you will have to supply your email address and they will send you a download link that stays up for an entire month.

You can download XSHELL from https://www.netsarang.com/en/xshell/.