Windows 11 Debloater : Remove Apps and Tweak Windows 11

Windows 11 Debloater is a PowerShell script using which we can remove the unwanted apps and disable unused features from a fresh installation of Windows 11. It can also be used to disable Windows 11 updates and add some of the useful new features to the Windows 11 File Explorer.

The tool is available in form of a PowerShell script and it works flawlessly in the latest version of Windows 11. The developer suggests that if you are running a different version of Windows 11, you may have to change the version check portion of the PowerShell script. This can be done easily by removing some of the lines as described on the GitHub page of this tool.

After downloading the Windows 11 Debloater archive file, you have to extract the contents of the downloaded archive to any folder on your PC. After this you can open this folder, right-click on the win11debloat.ps1 file and then choose Run with PowerShell.

Windows 11 Debloater

This will launch a PowerShell window and you have to reply with “Yes” when asked about running the script with a certain security settings. It takes a few seconds before the Windows 11 Debloater window is displayed.

In the Windows 11 Debloater windows, you can click on various buttons to carry out the respective actions. You can disable action center, disable background apps, disable Cortana, and disable Windows Updates. You can uninstall OneDrive, Edge and Bloatware. You can also enable some tweaks such as make the Taskbar smaller, add “Take Ownership”, add basic visual effects, and some other essential tweaks.

Windows 11 Debloater

Using the Windows 11 Debloater, we can remove some of the unwanted and unnecessary apps from Windows 11. These bloatware are usually not needed and can be safely removed. By removing the bloatware and tweaking Windows 11, we can make any Windows 11 PC faster to boot and run.

You can download Windows 11 Debloater from