Bring Polar Bears to Your Screen with Polar Tab for Chrome

No matter which of the two poles you look at, they both look so serene and picturesque. This is because both the north pole and the south pole are covered with smooth white snow. Snow capped poles present us with a very beautiful background.

And if you can spot those polar bears sitting, walking or playing around then it is the icing on the cake. Polar bears are found only on the north pole. Polar bears and their cubs playing in the snow makes for a great painting for home, office, and other places.

Now you can have the same playful polar bears on your screen using an extension called Polar Tab for the Chrome web browser. This extension brings very cool polar scenes to your Chrome web browser. As soon as you finish installing this extension, it sets itself as the default new tab page. So now whenever you open a new tab, you will see a different polar scene. Some of these scenes are simply polar backgrounds without any bears, some of them have a couple of bears and some of them have a full family of bears.

Polar Tab

The extension does not miss the south pole scenes. When it displays the south pole backgrounds, you will notice the penguins or a full colony of these penguins sitting on an iceberg. No matter which pole is covered in the backgrounds, they both look very serene and comforting during a hard day at work.

Along with the beautiful backgrounds, this extension also displays a link to an online game called Polar Puff. When you click on the Play button, it takes you to the game site and you can engage in this small game online. This is also great for taking a break from work and relieve yourself from all the stress.

You can get the Polar Tab extension for Chrome browser from