NightTab : Display Useful Information on New Tab in Chrome

So many of us like to work with our computers at late night in the darker surroundings. When it is dark everywhere, we should also reduce the screen brightness in order to reduce the stress on the eyes. This is why so many operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS and Android include a dark mode or dark theme.

When working with the Chrome web browser, we can use an extension called NightTab which provides darker backgrounds of your choice. This extension starts to work as soon as it is installed. After the installation, when you open a new tab, you will see a new tab page with lots of bookmarks in form of tiles.

It displays the time, date and a small search bar on the top. Below the search box, it displays various tiles of bookmarks. These bookmark tiles are organized in groups. So you have online shopping bookmarks arranged in a group, online file storage bookmarks are arranged in another group and so on.

NightTab for Chrome

We can customize the layout, background image, background video, themes, fonts and the accent color. We can click on the small add button to add another bookmark. We can click on the small color circle to choose a new theme for the new tab page.

From the themes page, we can choose from a large number of presets. These presets contain ready-to-use themes for your use. But you can also customize the layouts by picking the style, color, accent, font, radius, shadow, shade, opacity, and background. You can also save all these configurations to a local file.

NightTab for Chrome

NightTab is a nice little extension that offers a decent new tab page for your Chrome web browser. We can add all of our bookmarks and pick a theme of our choice using NightTab.

You can get the NightTab extension for the Chrome web browser from