Create ISO Images with Omid Soft Homa Imager

Homa Imager is a free software for creating ISO images from optical discs like CDs, DVDs and BDs. It works with any optical drive that you have installed on your computer but its functionality depends on the capabilities of your optical drive. For example, if your DVD write is unable to read Blu-ray discs then you won’t be able to make ISO images from your Blu-ray discs.

Homa Imager is a freeware and it launches immediately after you have installed it on your system. In fact, we did not even notice the setup progress which makes it appear like a portable program. As soon you run the “setup.exe” file meant to install Homa Imager on your system, it simply launched the application.

Omidsoft Homa Imager

It has a very nicely designed user interface. In its window, you will find all he features being offered by Homa Imager. You can access various tools to burn an already existing disc image, to make a new image from a disc inserted in the optical drive, to erase a RW (re-writable) disc, to view information about a disc present in the drive, to view information about your optical drive, to find the drive data, or to check the region code.

Burning or creating a disc image is very easy with the help of Homa Imager. You have to first click on the “Burn Image” button which will show you a small window. In this window, you have to open an ISO disc image, select an optical drive to be used and then click on the “Copy” button.

Omidsoft Homa Imager

Of course, for the burning operation to be completed, there should be a blank CD/DVD or BD placed in the optical drive before you start the image burning operation. All in all, Homa Imager is a very useful tool to keep on your Windows PC. It makes it very easy for anyone to create new ISO images or to burn existing images.

You can download Omid Soft Homa Imager from