EchoSync : Synchronize Files Between Two Folders

EchoSync is a free and portable application for file syncing across a couple of folders. It can be used for making backups and updating backups by comparing the two folders. It can also be used to make differential backups of your important files. The synchronization of files takes place in just one direction – source files are not disturbed in any manner but the destination files are updated.

EchoSync is a portable application which means that you do not have to install it on your system. You can just download the ZIP archive, extract its files to a folder and run EchoSync.exe from there. This also makes EchoSync an ideal application for the portable USB drives. You can copy it to your USB pendrive and launch on any Windows PC from there.

EchoSync has a very easy to follow user interface. The first thing that you have to do is create a new synchronization profile. This can be done by clicking on New on top-right corner of the EchoSync window. It opens a small window in which we have to specify a source folder and a destination folder. We also have to gie a name and description to the profile.


Once a profile has been created, we can select it from the list of all the profiles and then either click on the Compare button or the Sync button. The Compare button just compares the two folders and shows you of any differences found. The Sync button does the actual syncing of the files from the source folder to the destination folder.

EchoSync uses VSS (volume shadow copy service) of Windows which allows it to copy even the files that are locked by the system. It can be launched from the command line and thus is ideal for batch scripts.

You can download EchoSync from