Create Slideshow Video from Images with Bytescout Image to Video

Sometimes we have to quickly create a presentation video for office meetings or school reports. We cannot open Microsoft PowerPoint and start to create a brand new silde-show presentation in such a short time. What we can do in a few seconds is that we can use a freeware Bytescout Image to Video to create a slideshow video using already present images. This software is able to take all your images and compile them in form of a slideshow video. It creates a WMV video which can be played on any Windows PC without requiring any extra playback codecs.

Bytescout Image to Video has a very easy-to-follow user interface. We have to add all the image files in the correct order. We can add the files or a folder containing the images files, and then we can change the order in which these images will appear from top-to-down. There are “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons using which we can change the order in which these images will appear in the video. The image on the top in the list will appear first and the image file at the very bottom of the list will appear in the end.

Bytescout Image to Video

We can choose the slide show options which include duration for which each of the images is displayed (1.5 seconds by default), rotation angle, visual effects and the transition effects. If you leave the transition effects set to random then it is going to pick any random effect from more than a dozen available effects.

Similarly, we can choose the movie options such the the video resolution, the aspect-ratio, background color, and the audio-video settings. We can choose from WMV and AVI file formats before clicking on the Create Movie button. It is recommended to choose the WMV file format as it gives the best results.

You can download Bytescout Image to Video from