ExplorerFab : Mount Virtual Drives, Create ISO, Burn to CD/DVD

ExplorerFab is a one-stop solution for creating virtual drives on Windows, mount CD/DVD/BD images to these virtual drives, create ISO images from discs, burn ISO images to blank discs, create ISO from files or folders, create mini-ISO from folders, burn files or folders to blank discs and more.

As we install ExplorerFab on our Windows PC, it informs us of all it can do – it can emulate a maximum of 18 virtual drives (leaving a few letters for regular drives),  write image files to disc, write files/folders to disc, extract to image files from discs, create image files from files/folders, create .miniso files from files/folders.


When ExplorerFab is launched, its interface shows a list of tasks which we can choose to proceed further. Under the Explorer section, we can browse the file system of any attached drive and select all the files for creating an ISO image or burning them directly to a blank disc. There is a space limit for the discs that you can select, for example, if you are targeting a single layer DVD then the limit is 4.7 GB.

Under the Burn section, we can find all the tools for burning the data to a blank disc or burning an ISO image to a blank disc. This section also includes tools for creating ISO image files from physical discs or local folders. We can also view the disc information for any blank or pre-written optical disc in the optical drive.


Under the Drive section, you will be able to see all the virtual drives that it has created on your system. You can create a total of 18 virtual drives on your PC. From this section, you can manage all these virtual drives such as mounting or unmounting the disc images. For the physical drives it offers actions such as eject, open, play or extract to ISO image.

ExplorerFab is a freeware and can be used by anyone to emulate virtual drives or burn ISO images to blank discs. It is also useful if you are trying to create a Windows 11 installation DVD from Windows 11 ISO image.

You can download ExplorerFab from https://www.dvdfab.cn/explorerfab.htm.