Digitally Sign Your EXE Files with EZSignIt Code Signer

Software developers who create programs for Windows, know very well that their programs which are digitally signed are run on Windows easily compared to the unsigned executables. Sometimes the unsigned executables (EXE and DLL files) are even blocked by security software suspecting that they are harmful files. Some antivirus products even implement a policy of not allowing any unsigned EXE file on the Windows PC.

This is why software programmers are forced to digitally sign their programs with a code signing certificate. These code signing certificates should be Microsoft Authenticode compatible and must be obtained only from reputed code signing certificate issuing authorities such as GlobalSign, DigiCert or ComodoSSL.

But once you have purchased such a certificate, how do you use it to digitally sign your binary code such as EXE files? Of course, the development environment or software that you have used to create the EXE comes with tools to sign your files. But there is an alternative tool called EZSignIt and as its name implies, it is much easier to use too.


EZSignIt is a GUI application and makes everything so easy. You have to select two things to begin – first is the EXE file that you are going to digitally sign and second is the code signing certificate. For the EXE file, you have to optionally enter some basic file description. And for the certificate, you have to enter the password along with the encryption strength of the signing algorithm such as SHA-256 or SHA-384. A time-stamper URL has to be provided (it fills it automatically) and then you can click on the Sign with Digital Signature button to finish the job.

As if it is not easy enough, EZSignIt offers batch digital signing too! You can add a number of binary code files to the list. After this, you have to provide the filelist instead of a single file and the rest of the process stays the same. Batch processing is very useful when you are signing a number of files belonging to a project.

You can download EZSignIt from