Clear Disk Info : Health Information for All Connected Drives

So many of us keep all of our documents, pictures, videos and other memories stored on our computers. This is because it is very much convenient to access documents in this manner. Whenever we need a document, we can open a folder and they are all there. Whether in form of scanned images or PDF documents, just a double-click will display all the information for you.

This is obviously faster than opening your physical documents folder and check all the papers one by one. Another reason why people love storing their scanned documents on their PC is that it keeps the originals safe and tucked away somewhere in your house.

But what if your hard disk drive or solid state drive fails? In that case, you will lose all your files, videos, pictures and other documents stored on them. This is why you should always do two things – make a backup of all the important files over the cloud storage, and regularly check your storage drives for their health status.

Clear Disk Info

Using a freeware called Clear Disk Info, we can have detailed information about any hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) including the health status of all the connected drives. The program is portable and does not require any third-party components to be installed on your PC.

As soon as we launch Clear Disk Info, it lists all the connected storage drives along with their data. In the information, we can find the disk make and model, device type, firmware, serial number, features and capabilities, capacity, volumes, partition scheme, percent lifetime remaining, power on hours, power cycle count, temperature, failure count and more.

All this data can be exported to a text file using the menu. For each of the connected drives, we can run tools to check it for errors, check & repair the errors, optimize the disk, defragment the drive, eject the disk (if it is removable) and we can also launch Windows Device Manager to see the details about a selected disk drive.

You can download Clear Disk Info from