Edit Movie Subtitles of All Kinds with Free Forta

Forta is a free subtitle editor for the subtitles of all kinds. Using this free portable tool, we can quickly fix the subtitle problems such as syncing and spelling mistakes. This free tool can also be used to create, sync, translate and, adjust subtitle lines. It supports many different subtitle file formats such as SUB, SRT, ASS and, SSA. If you want to edit the syncing of subtitles while checking the video, you must install a codec pack such as K-lite Mega Codec pack so that it can load video files of all types.

Forta has a unique user interface which facilitates easy and quick subtitles editing. To being working with Forta, we can either create a new subtitles file or load an existing subtitles file. It can even extract subtitles embedded inside a Matroska Video file (MKV).

For editing the subtitles, it offers three window modes – basic, translator and third-view. In the basic mode, it simply displays the subtitles with each line loaded in a huge table. We can go through the subtitles and edit the file with regards to the text, time, syncing etc.


In the translator mode, we can watch the video along with the subtitles and we get the opportunity to translate the subtitles manually. We can go through each line, type in the translation in a new language for it. We have access to tools such as search, replace , split, join and overlap.

The third-view mode looks similar to the translator mode but it is actually very much different. In this mode you can check the subtitles created by someone else and quickly fix their mistakes. This mode is for re-checking the subtitles in a quick manner.

Forta has all the tools for fixing your subtitles or making new subtitles from scratch. It supports all the popular subtitles formats and with the help of a codec pack can also open all sorts of videos.

You can download Forta from https://sourceforge.net/projects/fortaapp/files/.