Microsoft Releases Holidays Wallpaper for Windows 11

Microsoft has released a new wallpaper for Windows 11. This JPEG wallpaper is released for the celebration of the holidays in 2021. The phrase “the holidays” during this time of the year may refer to any of the great religious festivals such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving and, Christmas etc. Instead of releasing a separate wallpaper for each of these festivals, Microsoft has taken the shortcut and released just one wallpaper for all the holidays.

The newly released wallpaper from Microsoft has been designed by a New York based artist Kervin Brisseaux. He has combined various elements that have influenced his life including fashion, music and other aspects of the pop culture. According to the blog post from Microsoft in which they announced this wallpaper, they say that this wallpaper combines the updated design of Windows 11 with the vibrant colors of the holidays.

In this picture, you can see the balloons, ribbons, decoration lights, flowers, holly, pine and other flavors of these holidays as the Sun rises in the background. You can revel in the joys of these holidays as the gloomy ast year is left behind. The future belongs to us is the vibe that you are going to get when using this new abstract wallpaper on your Windows 11 PC.

Windows 11 Holidays Wallpaper

Even though this wallpaper has been released specifically for Windows 11 desktop, who is stopping you from using it on your Windows 10 PC? However, if you are still running your PC on Windows 10, then it is recommended that you upgrade to Windows 11. The new operating system brings new features and can be run on older systems without any problem. And if your PC is really very old, then you can make use of the discount sales on many online shopping platforms these holidays and gift yourself a new Windows 11 computer.

You can download the new Holidays 2021 wallpaper for Windows 11 by visiting