Edit WMA Audio Files with Free WMA Cutter and Editor

There was a time in the 90s when only PCM WAV audio files could be player on Windows. Then MP3 became popular and even for playing MP3 files, we had to install special software with codecs. Things changed as Microsoft introduced a new version of Windows Media Player in Windows XP. New codecs were made available that produced Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media Video (WMV). But in the beginning, users needed applications leveraging Windows Media Foundation for converting audio files to WMA.

All these years later, we can use FFmpeg to convert any audio file into the WMA format. But what if you have to cut, crop, trip or edit the WMA audio files? In that case, you can use free WMA Cutter and Editor. This application is very easy to use and works on all the modern versions of Windows.

WMA Cutter and Editor

In its user interface, we can see two options – open a WMA file for editing and convert oldies (assuming they are mono) into stereo format. Both features are great for managing your WMA audio files. The first option lets you open WMA or WAV files. When you open these files, you are presented with a basic editor.

In the WMA Cutter and Editor, you can make a selection from the whole audio file. The selected portion can be deleted, or you can delete the unselected section. You can modify the loudness of the audio file by changing its volume or maximizing its volume. You can select the beginning or ending sections of the audio stream and use fade out or fade in effects on them.

WMA Cutter and Editor

WMA Cutter and Editor also allows you to change the audio channels. You can convert a mono audio file into a forced stereo file. Similarly, you can convert a stereo audio file into a mono audio file.

You can download Free WMA Cutter and Editor from http://www.musetips.com/free-wma-cutter-and-editor.html.