Optimize SSD Performance with Free SSD Booster

Fie years ago SSDs (solid state drives) were so much expensive and came in much smaller capacity. But now they have suddenly become cheaper and much more affordable. You can buy a 256 GB SSD for US$ 30 to 40 easily on Amazon. These SSD perform faster than the older HDDs. Hard disk drives have mechanical parts and therefore take longer time in reading or writing data. SSDs are made up of flash memory blocks and therefore are many many times faster than the HDDs.

However, SSDs also have a shorter life span compared to the HDDs. Typically your SSD will be able to last 5-6 years, if you use it regularly. On the other hand a HDD can keep working for 10-20 years without any problems. In fact, I have an old Seagate hard disk drive from late 90s that works even today.

If you have installed an SSD on your computer then you should take good care of it. For example, you can use SSD Booster to keep it healthier. SSD Booster is a SSD optimization tool that can make your SSD perform better, stay healthier and last longer.

Omisoft SSD Booster

It is a standalone application that displays all the features that you can enable on a typical Windows PC to optimize the SSD performance. In order for SSD Booster to work, your system drive (the drive on which Windows is installed) must be the SSD that are trying to optimize. For example, if you have two SSDs installed on your PC, then SSD Booster will be able to optimize only the SSD having the system drive.

Among the various features that can be toggled are kernel paging executive, last access timestamp, boot files defragment, prefetch superfetch, 8.3 name creation, search indexing, event logging, hibernate, TRIM support, and drive optimization.

The features that are correctly toggled on or off are shown in the green color, and the ones that are wrongly set are shown in the red color. Putting them all green will decrease the number of bytes written to your SSD and therefore make it last longer.

You can download SSD Booster from http://www.omidsoft.com/download.html.