Emco Ping Monitor : Automatically Ping Remote Servers

Emco Ping Monitor is a tool for automatically pinging remote servers. This way we can find out the status of the remote servers. It is very useful if you want to monitor your web servers or some other type of servers periodically. It will notify you when one or more servers do not respond to the ping requests. It uses the basic ICMP pings to detect the up and the down status of the monitored servers. Based on the ping response, it can estimate their real-time connection quality. The calculation is made from a number of data such as the packet loss, latency and the jitter metrics.

Emco Ping Monitor has a comprehensive user interface with a large number of features. You can start by adding a bunch of hosts for monitoring. You can add domain names such as yahoo.com or you can add the specific IP addresses. You can start and stop the monitoring of any of these added domains/hosts.

Emco Ping Monitor

Once you have added one or more domains, it will display their full summary on the home screen of the program. It displays a list of all the domains along with their statuses. It shows whether a host is up (working) or down (unable to connect). It also displays the quality of their connections. The quality levels of the connections is categorized as good, warning, bad, critical and pending. The pending quality means that it is still being analyzed.

The program also includes built-in tools for data analysis and reporting. You can create reports for your domains  which creates a report based on all the historic data for that domain. You can create either a summary report which is very small and shows all the essential data, or a detailed report which contains extensive data for all of the monitored domains.

You can download Emco Ping Monitor from https://emcosoftware.com/ping-monitor.