HovText : Open-Source Clipboard Manager for Windows

When you want to copy some rich text from one place to another using the Ctrl+C hotkey, the Windows clipboard carries the text formatting with it. For example, if you copy bold or large size text, then the font size and the text formatting are copied to the clipboard. When you paste such text in an advanced document editor such as Microsoft Word, the text formatting is included in the copied text.

One trick for avoiding the text formatting when copying the text is to use Windows Notepad as an intermediate application. First copy the text, paste it in Notepad, copy it from Notepad and then copy it wherever you want to copy it. Pasting the text in Notepad removes the formatting. However, you can use HovText for doing all of this automatically.

HovText is an open-source clipboard manager for Windows PC. It has a special feature for managing all the text that is copied to the clipboard. It removes all the formatting from the text that is copied to the clipboard so that you can copy the plain text anywhere you want. It also trims the text and removes unnecessary whitespace from the text.


HovTest is a portable application and it places an icon in the notification area when it is launched. It offers some hotkeys using which we can control the application. For example, there is Ctrl+OEM5 hotkey which can toggle on or off HovText. There are other hotkeys for showing new entry, showing older entry, toggling the favorite entry, toggling the list view, pasting the text and more.


HovText is designed for working with not only the text data but it can also work with images. You can manage images copied to the clipboard and use them at any later time. It remembers all the copied text and brings the most used entries on the top of the list. It is a really useful freeware clipboard manager.

You can download HovText from https://hovtext.com/.