How to Install WinSCP Using Chocolatey in Seconds

WinSCP is a great FTP client for Windows computers. It is open-source and works great on all the modern Windows versions. We can install it on Windows but there is a portable version available too. We can download it directly from its website, but there is an easier and faster method through the package manager called Chocolatey.

Chocolatey is a free package manager for Windows based computers. We can install thousands of software on our Windows PC using a single command through Chocolatey. For example, if you want to install Mozilla Firefox web browser then you can give command coco install Firefox. It will do the rest for you.

Here is how you can install WinSCP on your Windows PC using Chocolatey:

  1. First of all you must have Chocolatey installed on your PC. This is one time step and afterwards you can install all the programs using just a single command. In order to install Chocolatey, you can run the PowerShell command from on your Windows PC. Once installed we can use the choco command from the command prompt (cmd.exe) or PowerShell.
  2. We find WinSCP packages available on Chocolatey by using command choco find winscp.Installing WinSCP with Chocolatey
  3. Note the package that you want to install. In our case, we find the package name is winscp. There is a portable version available too.
  4. For installing the WinSCP package, we give command choco install winscp -y. This will automatically do everything for you, download files and set them up on your PC. After this, you will find WinSCP shortcuts in the Start menu and on the desktop.Installing WinSCP with Chocolatey
  5. If at any later time, you wish to upgrade WinSCP then you can use the command choco upgrade winscp -y. And similarly, if you want to uninstall it from your PC, then you can use the command choco uninstall winscp -y.