Find Files in Seconds on Windows PC with UltraSearch Free

When you have too many files of a kind or when you have forgotten where you have placed a particular file, searching for those files becomes a necessity. In order to search for files, we can use the built in features of Windows. These features allow us to search for any file on the system easily but sometimes it is very slow.

If you are looking for a really fast file searching utility for your Windows PC then you can try UltraSearch Free. It is available in a portable package and does not have any special requirements. We can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder and launch UltraSearch.exe from there.


The user interface of UltraSearch is very innovative and offers all the information in just a single window. In the toolbar we can choose which items to include (files or folders), which items to exclude, which file types are to  be looked for, whether we want to do content searching (looking inside the files for some strings), and more.

The location that we want to search should be added in the top field. We can add more than one search locations. The text field next to it is for adding the search terms. The search terms could include wildcards and it also supports regular expressions (RegEx) for search.

It shows the results instantly because it accesses all the files information from the MFT, which holds the full database of all the files on a drive, for searching the files. This is why it is so much faster than other file searching tools and also Windows Search itself. It can deliver the search results at lightening speed from all the storage drives but works even faster if you are using a solid state drive (SSD) instead of a hard disc drive (HDD).

You can download UltraSearch Free from