Lock, Hide and Encrypt Files with Gilisoft File Lock Pro

If you want to protect your files from the snooping eyes of your coworkers, then you need a tool that can hide your files from everyone, lock them from being accessed, and even encrypt your files. Gilisoft File Lock Pro is able to do all of these and more easily. This tool works very well on Windows 10/11 and gives you a peace of mind that nobody can touch your files without your permission.

It is able to hide your files and folders both. When you hide a file, it becomes invisible to everyone. It cannot be found through Windows Search or even any third-party search programs. Even if you boot into Windows Safe mode, the files stay invisible.

It is able to password protect your files too. When you protect a file, you will be asked for a password without which that file cannot be opened. If you protect a program, you cannot run that program without supplying the correct password.

Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Gilisoft File Lock Pro comes with an encryption module. Using this we can encrypt the protected files or folders or even drives using the AES 256 algorithm. This is a very strong encryption cipher and cannot be broken even in a thousand years. It can create encrypted GFL files or create EXE files. The EXE files can be used on any computer without needing any installation of Gilisoft File Lock Pro.

Gilisoft File Lock Pro features a very clear and intuitive user interface which makes the program very simple to use for users of all levels of experience. The program works on partitions in the FAT / NTFS / exFAT format. It is available for evaluation in which case the only password allowed is 123456. For unlocking all the features, you have to buy a full version license.

You can download Gilisoft File Lock Pro from https://www.gilisoft.com/product-file-lock-pro.htm.