How to Join PDF Files with Adobe Online Merger Tool

Sometimes we end up with so many of the PDF files that belong to the same project or category that we wish they were all a big PDF file instead of dozens of smaller files. For example, when we are paying income tax online, we usually end up with many PDF files. It would be much better to have a single PDF file that we can send to the tax professionals. Fortunately, we can use Adobe’s online PDF joiner tool for combining all our PDF files into a single PDF.

Here is how you can use the Adobe Merge PDF tool to join two or more than two PDF files together into a single larger PDF file:

  1. Visit Adobe Merge PDFs tool in your web browser at
  2. Click on the Select Files button and then select all the files that you want to join together. You have to select a minimum of two PDF files for the tool to work.Adobe Merge PDFs Online
  3. When you have selected PDF files, they are displayed in a list. You can re-arrange the order in which these files appear in the list by dragging them up and down. This is the same order  in which they will be combined together. You can add more files or remove already added files if needed.
  4. Click on the Merge button to proceed and join all these files.Adobe Merge PDFs Online
  5. It will upload all the PDF files to Adobe Cloud where they will be processed. Once they have been processed and your combined PDF is ready, you will be shown a Download button. You can click on this button to download the combined PDF file.Adobe Merge PDFs Online

You can open the combined PDF file in any PDF viewer including in your Chrome web browser. The tool does not modify the metadata of the original PDF files. The information such as PDF producer, PDF version, PDF application etc., all stays the same.