Make Beautiful Picture Collages with Free Collaizer

When an event like your birthday or wedding anniversary is coming closer, you start thinking how to create celebrate it with your loved ones. One of the ways you can make these days special is by arranging all the pictures going back many years to show all the special moments that you have spent to come this far. Pictures can speak all the unspoken memories that we have no words for.

If you are thinking of making a beautiful collage from your photos, then you can make use of a freeware called Collaizer. It is one of the best photo collage makers available today. It has a unique user interface that brings out the creativity in all of us. The Collaizer window displays all the tools that are needed for creating a collage.


On the left side of the Collaizer window, we can find access to various sections such as library which shows all the pictures it has detected on your PC. If you cannot find your pictures here, you will have to manually add your folders containing your photos. You can locate your pictures using the explorer section.

The first thing that you have to do in order to create a new collage is to add one or more of the shapes. These shapes will define how the pictures will be arranges. For example, if you add a heart shape (which is great for Valentine’s day or wedding anniversaries), then all your photos will be arranged in the shape of a heart.


After adding the shape, you can further change the layout of your collage and when you are satisfied with the outcome, you can save the collage into a picture file. This picture can be sent via social media or email messages. You can even take this collage picture to a professional printer who can make a poster out of this collage picture.

You can download Collaizer from