AOMEI 11th Anniversary Celebration : Many Gifts to be Won

AOMEI is a well know publisher of some of the best backup software. They have been making backup software for Windows and iOS for more than a decade. This November they are going to celebrate their 11th anniversary by giving away gifts, commercial software for free and one US$ 100 Amazon gift card. This gift card can come handy in the time to help with your Christmas shopping.

In order to take part in this activity, you can point your web browser to This year they have added an online game in which you get to make a cake for the anniversary. In this cake, you can choose the shape (round or square), color (white, pink, yellow or purple), and decoration (cherries, berries, flowers or cookies).

Once you have designed the cake to your liking, you can click on the “Generate Save” button to save it to your computer in form of a WEBP image. If you want, you can use an image viewer such as XnView to convert this image into another popular image such as JPEG or PNG.

AOMEI 11th Anniversary

You have to share you cake online through your Facebook account before you become eligible for the gifts. There is a separate button to create the Facebook share code which you can post on Facebook. Once you have shared the anniversary cake over Facebook, you can click on the “Get it now” buttons and claim license codes for various commercial software produced by AOMEI.

You can claim license codes for AOMEI Backupper Pro, AOMEI MBackupper Pro and, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro during this giveaway activity. You can get them all for your personal use. There is no limit on how many people can get the free gifts as far as the giveaway codes are concerned. But the Amazon $100 gift card will be announced on 8th December, 2021.