Qimage Ultimate Helps Print Photos on Windows PC

Qimage Ultimate is an advanced tool that helps you print various photos on your computer. Qimage Ultimate is not free and comes in a trialware version. It comes with such a huge number of functions and tools, that you may become confused at first. It has a very intuitive user-friendly user interface through with which we can quickly and easily print any number of photos ourselves.

Before you can print any photos, you must be able to open and view them. Qimage Ultimate comes with full support for a large number of devices. It is able to read RAW image files made with a digital camera in addition to the more common image file formats. Furthermore, it comes with a full features graphics editor using which we can open and edit to improve image files’ quality stored on our computer.

QImage Pro

When we add pictures in Qimage Ultimate, it automatically fits them on the page available on your connected printer. This way we can make the most of the printing glossy quality paper which is slightly more expensive than the regular copy paper. Using this program, we can print multiple pictures in proper orientation at the same time. We can also print multiple photos one after another in sequence.

If your photos are not very clear (perhaps because they are very old) then Qimage comes with a number of functions to edit them and remove errorneous pixels or noise from your pictures. In addition, Qimage has been equipped with functions to bulk resize image files at the same time. It comes with many differentprint modes such as the standard mode and on-the-fly printing mode. Lastly, the software also allows for creation of collages and slideshows which can be saved on the local hard disk drive or sent to your friends via email.

You can download Qimage Ultimate from http://www.ddisoftware.com/qimage-u/trial.htm.