Raindrop : All-in-one Bookmark Manager for Chrome

Even though all the web browsers come with a bookmarking feature of some sort, this bookmarking is limited to just webpages. In order to bookmark a webpage, you can press the universal hotkey Ctrl+D and the current webpage is added to the list of the bookmarks. This hotkey works in all the web browsers including Google Chrome.

But if you want to bookmark other things such as videos, photos, text clippings etc, then you would have to take the help of third-party apps or extensions such as Raindrop. It is an all-in-one bookmark manager for the Chrome web browser. Using this one extension, we can bookmark almost anything including the PDF files available on the internet in the Chrome browser.

After installing the Raindrop extension in the Chrome browser, you have to create a new account for the Raindrop app before you can use it. The Raindrop account can be created by supplying your email address, username and a password.

Raindrop for Chrome

Once you have logged in to your Raindrop account, you can visit any webpage and then click on the small cloud icon in the Chrome toolbar to add it to the Raindrop account. Similarly, you can select text snippets and then add it to your Raindrop account. As you open your Raindrop app account, you will find all the items bookmarked by you there. All of your bookmarks are categorized properly or listed as unsorted.

Raindrop for Chrome

From your Raindrop app account, you can choose to import bookmarks from other apps and also create a backup of your bookmarks so that you do not loose them. Since Raindrop is available for various platforms, you can use your saved bookmarks from any device using the same Raindrop account. Raindrop is available as an app for Android and iOS, as an extension for Chrome and Firefox, and also for Windows or macOS.

You can get the Raindrop extension for Chrome web browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/raindropio/ldgfbffkinooeloadekpmfoklnobpien/.