Start11 : Bring Windows 11 Start Menu to Windows 10

Ever since Windows 11 was released, so many people are trying to do away with the new strange Start menu that it comes with. There are many different applications that can bring back older Windows 7 and Windows 10 style Start menu to Windows 11. For example, we have previously written about StartAllBack that can bring not only the classic Start menu to Windows 11, but can also make some extra tweaks to make it behave the old fashioned way.

But there are definitely some people who want to use the new Windows 11 style Start menu in their older Windows 10 computers. And if you are also one of those Windows 10 users, then you can use the Stardock Start11 software. This software is designed to be used for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers.

After the installation is complete, you are given an option to choose the left-aligned or center-aligned Start button. If you want to have Windows 11 style then you can choose the center-aligned Start button. From the Start11 options, you can choose the Windows 11 style Start menu which is displayed in the center.

Start11 for Windows 10

Start11 also offers many other options for Start button, taskbar, search and control. We can use a custom image for the Start button. We can change the taskbar blur, transparency and the color. We can configure it to use Start11 search instead of the Windows search feature.

We can also control various actions related to the Start button – what happens when you click on the Start button, and what happens when you press the Windows logo key on your keyboard. These actions can also be customized for both the desktop and the full screen.

Start11 is not a free software and is available only as a 30 day trialware. We can install and use it for 30 days. If you like it and find it useful, then you can purchase the license for Start11.

You can download Start11 from