Simulate Playing Piano on PC with Everyone Piano

While we all would love to try our hands at playing piano, not everyone can afford a real piano. Some of us cannot even afford regular piano classes. So what one is supposed to do? Should be curb our desires to play, create and enjoy music through this magnificent musical instrument? Everyone Piano comes with an answer. It allows everyone to play piano without actually requiring a real piano.

Everyone Piano is a software designed to play piano on the PC using the computer keyboard itself. Since computer keyboards are very cheap (some of the low-end wired keyboards cost less than $4), anyone and everyone can enjoy playing a piano through this software. It can simulate not only the piano keys but the piano pedal too. It supports two hands playing on the keyboard, left-hand playing or the right-hand playing.

Everyone Piano opens with a user interface containing a full sized virtual keyboard. But this keyboard has keys to simulate all the piano keys. We can even customize the keys to simulate a particular key sound on the piano.  Through this interface, we can customize the keyboard, play the halftone, support record or playback, show the music score, inflexion and octave.

Everyone Piano

What if you are a total newbie and cannot tell any difference between the piano keys and the computer keyboard? For you, Everyone Piano offers lessons and teaching for everyone so they can learn how to make music with the Chrome wen browser.

Everyone Piano comes with music database of its own. Using it, we can use any of these tunes and start playing them. Even if you are not near the computer  We can also use the Everyone Piano to create beautiful music. It is able to record and playback  some of the music snippets that you have been singing.

You can download Everyone Piano from