Chris-PC CPU Booster : Optimizes PC for Performance

The race between the hardware and software is ages old. As soon as new powerful and faster CPU is released, the software developers come up with bulkier applications that take a large share of the CPU performance. The same is true for RAM and memory storage devices.

This is why we all feel like our computers are getting slower with time. In fact the truth is that the computers are as fast as they were on the day we bought them. What has changed is that the new versions of programs continue to become more and more demanding.

So what is the solution? One solution is to buy a brand new computer with latest hardware. But if you do not want to shell out your hard earned money, then you can try Chris-PC CPU Booster. It is a software that changes the way various applications use your computer’s CPU. It modifies the operation of the processor by giving it an appropriate level of priority – in order to improve the performance of installed applications on the computer.

Chris PC CPU Booster

So if there is a program that does not require a larger share of the CPU performance, then CPU Booster will reduce is priority. On the other hand, it will boost the priority level of some of the applications that you want to run faster.

After the installation, it stays in the system tray and keeps accelerating foreground applications. It makes use of the multi-core processors. It sends a message to the foreground applications to use the cores that are the least used and this is how the foreground applications run faster.

In addition, CPU Booster includes a built-in performance test tool for the processor installed in the computer. Chris-PC CPU Booster will optimize your computer for games, photo editing or movie editing.

You can download Chris-PC CPU Booster from