Cyberlab Keeps Windows PC Clean and Optimized

Cyberlab is an all-around system maintenance software for Windows. It is able to remove malicious programs, spyware, unwanted programs, garbage files, orphan files, unwanted registry keys, tracking cookies and more to make your computer cleaner and faster. It comes in two versions – free and paid. The free version is not able to remove the spyware and clean junk files from your system.

Cyberlab has a very eye-pleasing user interface. On the dashboard screen, it displays the system stats such as free memory available, free CPU resources available and how much storage space is ready for new programs or files. It shows different sections for cleaning, optimizing and tuning up the system.

Under the cleaning section, we can scan our system for registry files and other obsolete entries. The scanning for spyware is locked out in this section for the free version of Cyberlab. After the scanning is done, we can proceed for removal of these items.

Cyberlab Free

Cyberlab claims to make the use of the computer safer, eliminate system errors and speed up the operation of the operating system. In the free version of Cyberlab we can clean the system registry, manually update applications, optimize the registry and the system, as well as the web browsers installed on your Windows PC. It turns off unnecessary programs and elements in web browsers. It supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

In the commercial Cyberlab Ultimate version for which you need to buy a license, we can scan for the spyware and remove any detected spyware. It receives daily spyware signature updates. It also features automatic software updates as well as automatic junk and tracker cookies removal. For the paid version, the customer receives US based support using email messages and online chat.

You can download Cyberlab Free from