Enable Popup Downloads Display in Vivaldi Browser

The latest major version update for the Vivaldi web browser is version 5.0 and it has brought with it a cool new feature for downloads. In the older versions all the files being downloaded were displayed using the downloads panel. From the downloads panel, we can could see all the files being downloaded and previously downloaded. The same downloads panel can be used to manage the downloads, display the download speeds and pause the running download or continue the paused the downloads.

But now in the version, we can see all the same features using the download popup. The popup is displayed in the similar manner as in the Firefox web browser. After enabling this feature, a new icon appears in the Vivaldi toolbar clicking on which popup appears displaying the same contents as the downloads panel.

Vivaldi Popup Downloads

Here is how we can enable popup downloads in Vivaldi browser:

  1. Launch Vivaldi web browser and open its settings window by using the hotkey Ctrl+F12. We can also click on the Vivaldi menu icon near the top-left and choose Settings from the menu.
  2. In the settings window that opens up, select the Downloads category from the left side.
  3. Place a checkmark in the checkbox Display downloads in a popup.Vivaldi Popup Downloads
  4. Close the settings window and now whenever you download any file from any website, you can click on the download icon in the toolbar to display the popup. In this popup downloads are shown just like in the downloads panel.

So this is the easy way to enable the new feature in the Vivaldi web browser. Using this method we can display downloads in a popup just like in the Firefox web browser. If you want this popup to appear automatically as soon as a new download is added, you can enable that option (Open download popup automatically) as well.