QMPlay2 : High Performance Cross-Platform Media Player

QMPlay2 (QT Media Player 2) is a cross-platform media player that works on Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. It makes use of the FFmpeg project libraries and therefore supports all the media file formats supported by FFmpeg. It can play video files, audio files and also online radio stations. QMPlay2 is programmed to be very minimal or lightweight and it does not consume too many of your system resources.

It has a very intuitively designed user interface and displays the video frame, media playlist, media visualization, and media information in the same window. It can display simple visualization or FFT spectrum for the media being played.

From the video frame, which displays the video when it is being played, we can switch to internet radio, equalizer or lyrics. It does not come with any online radio stations configured and you will have to add your own online radio stations before you can play them. There are many websites where you can find online radio stations. Many AM or FM radio station websites provide a link for listening to online radio stations and those links can be added to QMPlay2.


QMPlay2 can also be used to play audio CDs and DVD video discs. It supports playback of DVD movies with their menus and chapters. The advanced playlist can also display entire folders containing your media files. In that case, it uses a tree-view structure to display media files under a folder. The video playback frame contains all the usual controls and there are more controls available from the menu bar.

The program supports drag-n-drop interface so that you can drag your video files on its window and it will start playing in the program. In the similar way, we can also drop files in the playback list. These dropped files are added at they very end of the already existing playlist.

You can download QMPlay2 from https://github.com/zaps166/QMPlay2/releases.