Epic Games Store Giveaway : Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is the new computer game being given away this week on Epic Games store. This game belongs to the horror genre. It is a multi-player game in which you can play either as the horrible killer or as the person who is running away from him.

There can be a maximum of five players – one of them is the serial killer and four others are trying to escape from his clutches. Others are called survivors as they are trying to stay alive and not being captured by the monster. If you enjoy watching FBI serial killer shows and movies based on them, then you may like this game. However, I personally found this game to be a little on the dark side as the background music, creepy surroundings and the fog has a psychological effect.

The survivors play in the third-person mode while the savage killer plays in first person mode. The game becomes interesting as every time you play it, the environment changes and you cannot really figure out where to go in each session. One advantage that survivors have is that they can cooperate with each others to defeat the monster. You can make strategies to lead the monster away and win the game all together.

Dead by Daylight

There are two ways to claim this game – one through the web interface of the Epic Games store and second through the Epic Games launcher itself. For the former method, we can simply visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/dead-by-daylight and then click on the Get button. You may have to login to our Epic user account if you are not already logged in.

The latter method requires that you have Epic Games Launcher installed on your computer. In this case, we can just search of the game by its title and then click on the Get button to add it to out games library. The installation is offered immediately after it.