How to Prevent Epic Games Launcher from Auto-Starting with Windows

Epic Games store gives away a new game every week and sometimes they also give away two or three games. This is a really nice way to collect dozens of games for everyone. All you need is a free Epic Games store account and every week you can add one or two games to your account. While some of these games are average, others are really cool games.

Even though you can claim these give away games using the Epic Games store website and similarly you can purchase latest releases of the new games as well as game packs, you still have to use the Epic Games launcher for installing them on your system which you can download from

Epic Games launcher is a software installed on your Windows PC using which you can access your Epic Games account, buy games and install them on your PC. By default, Epic Games launcher starts with Windows and stays in the system tray. It keeps showing you notifications related to the latest releases and news about game related events. But if you play games sparingly, then you may want to disable it from automatically starting with Windows. Here is how:

  1. Right-click on the Epic Games launcher system tray icon and choose Home from there. You can also launch it from its desktop or Start menu shortcut.Epic Games launcher
  2. Click on the user icon to pull down the menu and select Settings from there.Epic Games launcher
  3. Uncheck the checkbox Run when my computer starts from the Preferences window.Epic Games launcher
  4. Now you can close all the Epic Games launcher windows and it will now no longer auto-start with Windows.

Epic Games launcher is a really useful application for PC gamers. If you have a dedicated gaming rig, then you may want to leave it installed and set to auto-start with Windows. You can quickly launch your favorite games using its notification area icon.