Euler Math Toolbox : Powerful Mathematical Software

Euler Math Toolbox (EMT) is a powerful, open-source software for mathematical calculations. It offers all the features for both the basic and advanced mathematical concepts. It can be compared with the commercial software Matlab which can be found in all the universities. If you want the features offered by Matlab but do not want to spend tons of money then you can try EMT as it is free. However, its syntax is not entirely compatible or similar to that of Matlab.

EMT is available in a small 101 MB package which contains all the components needed for it to work and can be installed on any Windows PC. It has a user interface containing many windows – one window is for entering commands and the second window is for showing any graphics. A third window can also be opened for showing help related to the syntax of various commands.

Euler Math Toolbox

In order to start working with EMT, they also offer examples and step-by-step tutorials. These tutorials are available both offline (they are installed on your PC) and online. Basically, you have to enter the commands in the command window and it will display the output whatever it may be.

The graphics window is used for displaying any 2D or 3D graphics. For example, we can plot equations on a 2D graph. We can even solve equations graphically when we find the solution at the point where two lines or curves intersect each other. Similarly, we can plot 3D solids using their equations. These graphics can also be exported into image files.

EMT is a free mathematical calculation software and students of school or university level can definitely benefit from it. It can be used for both symbolic algebra or numerical mathematics. It is free and a very nice replacement for Matlab.

You can download Euler Math Toolbox from