Gridplayer : Play Many Videos at the Same Time

On some of the TV models, there is a matrix function using which you can watch many TV channels at the same time. These TV channels are shown in a matrix and you can watch 4, 16, 32 channels at the same time on the same screen. Now you can do the same thing with your video files using the Gridplayer video player.

Gridplayer is an open-source and free software that offers the users to play multiple video files in the same window right-next to each other, side-by-side arranged in a matrix or grid. Gridplayer is available in a ZIP package and is a portable program. We can extract it from the ZIP file and launch it directly. It comes with all the libraries and components for playing the video files. It uses VLC libraries to play all sorts of video files. Because it is based on the  VLC components, it supports a large number video file formats.


The user interface of Gridplayer allows you to drag-n-drop any video file on its window. You can drop a number of video files on its window and it will start playing them instantly. You can resize the Gridplayer window and the video playback frame will be resized too. You can even switch to the full-screen mode by pressing the F key on your keyboard.


Each of the videos being played in the Gridplayer has its playback control which appears only when you hover the mouse pointer over that video. The control includes all the usual controls such as play, pause, seek bar and the audio volume control. In the beginning all the videos are muted, but you can enable their sound and increase volume if you want.


For accessing the settings of Gridplayer and options we can right-click on the Gridplayer window. From the right-click menu we can choose to change the zoom level, speed of the playback and the aspect ratio of the video frame. We can also open, save and modify the playlist containing all the videos being played. We can also change the layout of the grid – rows first, columns first, fit cells or auto-adjust.

You can download Gridplayer from