How to Enable DNS Logging in Cloudflare WARP

Cloudflare WARP is available for Windows desktop computers as well as other platforms. It offers really fast DNS resolution through its public DNS servers. We can also change the DNS protocols to much more secure and reliable WARP which encrypts the connection when a DNS query is requested.

Cloudflare WARP can also provide VPN proxy which tunnels your internet traffic through their powerful global network. We can enable the logging of DNS queries in Cloudflare WARP so that we can look at all the entries later and find out how it is resolving the DNS queries and what was the time taken.

Here is how you can enable DNS logging in Cloudflare WARP for Windows:

  1. Right-click on the Cloudflare WARP icon and then click on the cogwheel icon. From the menu that appears on your screen, choose Preferences.Cloudflare WARP
  2. In the preferences window, select the DNS Logs category from the left side.
  3. Place a checkmark in the checkbox labeled Log DNS Queries.Cloudflare WARP DNS Log
  4. You can close the Cloudflare WARP preferences window now.

Once you have enabled logging of the DNS queries, it will make a log of all the DNS resolution requests made from your computer through Cloudflare WARP. You can view this log by repeating the same steps except that you have to click on the View DNS Logs button in the step 3 above.

Cloudflare WARP DNS Log

In the DNS log, it will display the time in 24 hours format, the queries sent to the remote server, replies received from the remote server, the DNS protocol used for all the communication, and the time it took to resolve the queries in milliseconds.

You can change the DNS protocol used by Cloudflare WARP easily. There are three choices for the user – HTTPS, TLS and WARP. The one selected by the user will be used and added to the DNS logs. In the above picture, we are using the WARP protocol.