Trend Micro Folder Shield Protects from Ransomware

Ever since I have started to use Trend Micro Antivirus+ for protection of my new Windows 11 PC, I have become very impressed by the features offered by it. One of the features that it offers is Folder Shield which protects you from unknown and new ransomware infections.

When a ransomware infects your Windows PC, it starts encrypting your pictures, videos, documents and other important files. Once it has encrypted all the files, it demands a ransom in return of decrypting your files. In order to defeat this, Trend Micro Antivirus+ offers Folder Shield which prevents any modification to the files inside a folder. This way even the newest ransomware won’t be able to change or encrypt your files.

Here is how we can add any folder to Trend Micro Folder Shield so that a ransomware cannot modify files inside those folders:

  1. Launch Trend Micro Antivirus+ dashboard by double-clicking on its desktop shortcut or through its notification area icon.
  2. Choose Folder Shield from the Trend Micro Antivirus+ dashboard window.
  3. Click on the Configure button next to Folder Shield.Trend Micro Antivirus+ Folder Shield
  4. In the window that appears, click on the Manage Folders button. Choose the folders that you wanted to protect and then add them to the Folder Shield list and finally click on the OK button.Trend Micro Antivirus+ Folder Shield
  5. From now on, Folder Shield will protect all the folders added in its list. Folder Shield is going to show a shield icon on top of the folders that it has protected.Trend Micro Antivirus+ Folder Shield

Even though Trend Micro Antivirus+ can protect your files from ransomware and other malware, you should add another layer of protection in the form of a backup software. If you backup your important files and store the backup off-site on a cloud storage account, then you will be able to restore them in case of any damage done to those files on your PC.