How to Join Cloudflare WARP Beta Program Easily

Cloudflare WARP is a service provided by the world’s number one web security and content delivery systems company. The WARP is a special network developed by Cloudflare that overcomes all the bottlenecks of the traditional protocols used to access the internet. Because it is powered by Cloudflare’s massive global network, it is really very fast.

In addition to providing really fast DNS servers and hiding your real IP address, it also helps encrypt your data before it is transferred through the internet. The basic WARP service is free but they offer even faster access through an affordable WARP+ service which is only USD 4.99 per month. They are also offering a beta program which is always one step ahead in the features offered by Cloudflare WARP.

Here is how you can join Cloudflare WARP Beta program :

  1. Install Cloudflare WARP on your Windows PC or Mac by downloading its installer from
  2. After installing it on your PC, click on its notification area icon. In the small window that opens, click on the cogwheel icon and select Preferences from the menu that appears.Cloudflare WARP
  3. In the preferences window, select the Advanced section.
  4. Under the Preview Program section, select the checkbox labeled Yes, I want to participate in the beta programCloudflare WARP
  5. Close the preferences window and wait for it to download the beta version on your PC.

Joining the Cloudflare WARP Beta has many benefits of its own. As a beta user, you get to try the latest features being experimented upon by the Cloudflare developers. The beta also ensures that you are accessing the newest WARP network for using their proxy services.

On the flip side, Cloudflare also benefits from the users who are using the beta version of their Cloudflare WARP app. As you use the app on your device, it may encounter errors and that data is sent to the Cloudflare  servers for the analysis by the Cloudflare WARP developers which helps them improve Cloudflare WARP applications in future.