How to Download Firefox Installer Using Curl on Windows

After installing Windows operating system on a computer, the job is not over. In fact there are so many more programs to be downloaded and installed on that PC. Some of these are the device driver software, some are essential software such as Firefox web browser, and we also need security software like Aavst Antivirus.

If you want to install Mozilla Firefox web browser on a PC, then the first thing you would need is the software installer package for Firefox. Using this installer package we can install Firefox on any PC. But for downloading Firefox installation package, we need another web browser unless you have Curl installed on your PC. With the help of Curl we can download Firefox installer package in just one command.

Here is how we can use Curl to download Firefox installer package in seconds:

  1. First of all download Curl binaries for Windows from The download is available in form of a small ZIP file and you can find curl.exe inside it. You can copy this curl.exe file inside your C:\Windows\ folder so that you can run it from anywhere.
  2. Launch PowerShell or “cmd.exe” Command Prompt.
  3. If you want to download the latest version of Firefox installer, then give the following command:
    curl -L -o Firefox.exe ""

    In this command, we can change win64 to win if we want to download 32-bit Firefox installer.Using Curl to Download Firefox

  4. For the latest Firefox Beta, the command is something like this:
    curl -L -o FirefoxBeta.exe ""
  5. And finally, if you want to download Firefox ESR then the command is:
    curl -L -o FirefoxESR.exe ""

We are assuming that you are downloading the 64-bit version of Firefox installer in all of the above commands. According to Mozilla, we can change win64 to win in the URL for downloading the 32-bit version. The downloaded files are placed in the same folder as the current directory in the PowerShell console or cmd.exe Command Prompt.