How to Make Cloudflare WARP Work in Firefox

Cloudflare WARP is a VPN service from the popular DNS provider Cloudflare. There are apps available for various mobile and desktop platforms using which we can easily configure Cloudflare WARP to work on those platforms. There is a Cloudflare WARP application available for Windows too. It can be installed on any Windows PC running Windows 7 or higher.

Once installed, this application can take care of all the settings. As soon as we connect to the WARP server, your PC starts connecting to the internet through the Cloudflare network. This brings both security and privacy related features for any Windows user. Not only it changes your IP address, but it also blocks malicious sites and suspicious downloads from harming your system.

However, if you are using Firefox, you might not be able to connect through the Cloudflare WARP proxy unless you make changes to the Firefox settings. Here is how it is done:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser and select Settings from the Firefox menu. Alternatively, you can manually enter about:preferences in the Firefox address bar.
  2. When the preferences window opens, select General from the list of the categories.Cloudflare WARP for Firefox
  3. Scroll down the very bottom of the preferences window and then click on the Settings button under the Network Settings.
  4. In the network settings window, select Use system proxy settings and then click on the OK button.Cloudflare WARP for Firefox
  5. This is it, now your Firefox will connect through Cloudflare network. You may want to restart Firefox so that it can use the new network settings from Cloudflare.

Of course these settings are not going to work without installing Cloudflare WARP on your computer first. You can start installing it on your Windows PC by downloading the installer package from They have packages for other platforms too and the Firefox setting should be similar on all the other platforms as well. The installer is in MSI package and can be installed by silent switches too.