How to Make Cloudflare WARP Block Malware on Windows

Cloudflare WARP is a free VPN proxy for various platforms. It is being offered by the web security and content delivery systems giant Cloudflare. Since it is backed by Cloudflare’s global network, it is the best when it comes to the security, reliabilty and resilience.

Cloudflare WARP is offered for all the popular mobile and desktop systems including Windows. On all the platforms, we can choose different modes of the VPN proxy – normal and malware blocking. For making Cloudflare WARP block malicious sites and malware downloads, we have to change its settings.

Here is how it is done on a typical Windows PC:

  1. First of all install Cloudflare WARP on your Windows system. This can be done easily by downloading the MSI installer package for Windows from
  2. Once Cloudflare WARP has been installed, you can find its icon in the notification area.
  3. You can right-click on the Cloudflare WARP icon in the notification area and then select Preferences from there.Cloudflare WARP
  4. In the Cloudflare preferences window, select the Connection category from the left side.
  5. From the for Families options, choose Block Malware.Cloudflare Blocks Malware
  6. Close Cloudflare preferences window. Now there is no possibility of accidentally landing on a malicious site on your PC.

Cloudflare WARP blocks the malware at the DNS level which means the malicious servers do not have the chance to even connect to your PC. Compared to the antivirus web stream scanners that block the actual content when it has been downloaded partly or fully on your PC, Cloudflare WARP is both faster and much more thorough. However, it can block only some of the known malicious domains.

The advantages with an HTTPS scanner antivirus product is that the it actually scans the downloaded packets. There are many good antivirus products available for your use which we can use for protections such as ESET Antivirus or Bullguard Antivirus.