How to Mute Words, Phrases and, Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter is a very popular micro-blogging site. We can interact with many important people through it whether they are government officials or help-desk of a service provider company. I myself have contacted bank officials of a local bank through Twitter to have my problems or queries addressed.

While Twitter is useful in many different ways, it could also become a headache if you start seeing some unwanted topics appear in your timeline more and more often. For example, if you do not want anything to do with politics and yet people are sharing tweets about latest elections again and again.

Fortunately, blocking words or hashtags that you are not interested in, is very easy on Twitter. Here is how we can easily block and mute certain words or hashtags:

  1. Launch Twitter app on your smartphone and tap on your profile image to open its menu. From the menu select Settings and privacy.
  2. From the Settings screen, tap on Privacy and Safety.Mute Words on Twitter
  3. On the Privacy & Safety screen, tap on Mute and block.
  4. When the next screen appears select Muted Words from the displayed list.Mute Words on Twitter
  5. In order to start adding new words to be blocked, tap on the big blue plus icon.
  6. Now you can enter the words for blocking. These words could belong to the hashtag, usernames, or the tweet itself. You can also choose where these words are to be blocked – home timeline, notifications and from which users. Finally, you have to choose a duration for blocking them – forever, one week, one month or one day.Mute Words on Twitter
  7. Now you can tap on Save to save the muted words and that’s it.

So this is how easy it is to mute words, phrases, users and hashtags from appearing in your Twitter timeline or notifications. We can add as many words or phrases in the muted list as we want.