Quickly Zoom Webpages in Firefox with Zoom Extension

Often we come across websites that use very small text font size. If you have a perfect eye-sight then you can read these small letters with some effort on these websites but for it is a little harder for the rest of us. This is why almost all the modern web browsers allow the users to zoom the content using a few keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you want to zoom-in on a website, then you can press Ctrl and + keys together. Similarly, if you want to zoom-out, then you can press the Ctrl and – keys together. If you want to reset the zoom level to 100%, then  you do not have any keyboard shortcut and have to use your mouse-wheel while pressing the Ctrl key.

But why do we bother with these keyboard shortcuts and mouse-wheel actions, when we can use a free web browser extension called Zoom. Zoom is a web browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser which makes it very easy for anyone to zoom-in or zoom-out web content on any website. Zoom works with both the text content and the images on a website.

Zoom for Firefox

Using Zoom is very easy as it installs a toolbar icon in Firefox. Anytime, you want to zoom-in or zoom-out, you can click on this icon. A small slider control will appear near this icon, we can use this slider control to increase or decrease the zoom level. The zoom level is displayed in the slider control itself.

In addition, there is an up-down control for changing the zoom level. As if these two are not enough, they have also provided plus and minus buttons for changing the zoom. And finally, the extension also has a dedicated “Reset” button for resetting the zoom back to 100%.

You can get the Zoom extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zoom/.