How to Print Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Browsers

Youtube stays the leading video sharing and social networking site in the world. There is no competition when it comes to watching videos of various content creators. There are some small scale sites but they have nothing to show when compared with the giant Youtube.

There are so many things we can do on Youtube from watching videos created by individual users, watching music videos, watching university lectures, watching someone live streaming, watching live sports, watching live news and more. And now many movie studios have started offering paid views of their movies on Youtube. We can rent these movies to enjoy over Youtube.

They also offer Youtube Premium which is a subscription based paid service and comes with many benefits such as background play, no ads during the videos and, access to Youtube Music premium.

For making it easy to control the video playback on a desktop web browser, Youtube offers a bunch of keyboard shortcuts. You can see the list of these keyboard shortcuts from

Here is how we can print these keyboard shortcuts for easy reference:

Method 1:

  1. Open Youtube in your desktop web browser such as Google Chrome browser.
  2. Login to your Youtube user account and then click on your user logo near the top-right corner.
  3. From the menu that appears, select Keyboard Shortcuts.Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Press Ctrl+P key combination on your keyboard to print what is being displayed through a connected printer.

Method 2:

As you may have seen that this method is not perfect and the printout may not include the layout that you were expecting. So someone has created a PDF file containing all the keyboard shortcuts in an easy to print format.

Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts

You can download this PDF file from After this all you have to do is open it in a PDF viewer and print it off a connected printer. You can open it using Google Docs online too