Softaken PDF Watermark : Add Watermarks to PDF Files

When you want to share a PDF document publicly, you may want to ensure that nobody can print the PDF file and share it without the original source of the file mentioned on the printed pages. This problem can be easily handled by adding watermarks to all the pages of the PDF files. These watermarks are printed along with the pages and show both the authenticity and the original source of the printed PDF file. This way you can also protect your hard work from the thieves who steal your PDF files and sell them at high price.

In order to add watermarks to your existing PDF files, you can use Softaken PDF Watermark. It is a Windows application that can add both the text-based and the image-based watermarks to your PDF files. It is a small program but it requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1 which was included on Windows 7 SP1 but for later versions for Windows it must be installed manually.

Softwaken PDF Watermark

After launching Softaken PDF Watermark, we can click on the Browse PDF File button and select the PDF file that we wish to watermark. In the demo version of Softaken PDF Watermark, we can add watermark only to 2 pages in the PDF file. If the file contains only 2 pages, then it adds watermark to only the first page.

On the next screen, we can choose the watermark type (text or image) and then choose various options for the watermark. For the text based watermark, we have to enter the text, font size, and the text color. For the image based watermark, we have to choose a PNG image preferably with transparent background.

Softwaken PDF Watermark

Other options include choosing the location and opacity of the watermark. Finally, we can choose an output folder and click on the Generate PDF button to add the watermark to the PDF file.

You can download Softaken PDF Watermark from