How to Quickly Turn Portrait Pictures into Cartoons

These days so many Twitter and Facebook users are using cartoonized versions of themselves as their profile pictures. These pictures not only looks cute but are also very trendy. If you also want to turn your portrait photos into cartoons, then you do not have to pay someone or start using Adobe Photoshop. There is a free AI based web app that can do it all for you in seconds. Since it is powered by AI, all you have to do is upload your photos and the rest is taken care of by the servers on the other end.

Here is how we can cartoonized any portrait photo using an online web app in fraction of a second:

  1. First of all visit in your web browser. It works in all the modern web browsers, but I recommend Google Chrome or Vivaldi browsers.
  2. Click on the Upload an Image button to select your portrait image for upload. The image should be in JPEG image file format and should not be larger than 5000×5000 pixels in dimensions. You get better results with a passport photo like image of yourself facing the camera.Image to Cartoon
  3. There is nothing else to do, the image will be uploaded to the web app servers where they will use AI to generate a cartoonized picture of your photo. There are fifteen different kinds of cartoons generated and you can click on the Download or Download HD buttons to download them.Image to Cartoon

All the fifteen cartoonized versions of your photo are basically the same cartoonized face but in different background settings. In some of these you are doing yoga, playing on a beach, sitting in a garden, riding a motorbike, having a cup of coffee, sitting in a Christmas season background, or donning various costumes such as Superman and Cinderella costumes.