How to Setup Facebook Pay for Online Payments via Facebook

Meta, the technology company that owns Facebook, has now come up with a unique new way for online payments. This new online payment method is integrated with Facebook and is being called Facebook Pay or FB Pay. Anyone who has a Facebook account can now send money to anyone else who also has a Facebook account.

Facebook Pay is still not available in all the countries in the world, but it has started functioning in many other countries. If you want to find out if Facebook Pay is available in your country then you can visit and search for your country in the list.

Facebook Pay

So if you country is in the list where Facebook Pay is available, then how are you going to set it up? Here is how you can set it up:

  1. Open in your web browser and login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the downward arrow, select Settings & Privacy and then Settings. Alternatively, you can also visit in your web browser.Facebook Pay
  3. From the left side, click on Facebook Pay which is displayed under all the other settings.
  4. Click or tap Add Payment Method, then choose whether you’ll link a PayPal account, Visa, or Mastercard debit card to it.Facebook Pay
  5. Once you have added at least one payment method, you are ready to use Facebook Pay.

Now whenever you want to send money to someone, you can use use Facebook Pay. This feature is available in menu for various applications made by Meta such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram or Facebook. It keeps your payment history and transaction IDs. We can access these details from any of these apps. There is no fees for sending or receiving the payments through Facebook Pay.

Facebook Pay uses a number of measures to protect the users against fraud and unauthorized activities. It can even use biometrics and personalized PINs to provide the user with protection.