Noralabs Norascan : Find Suspicious Malware on Your PC

Noralabs Norascan is an anti-malware software for Windows. It is freely available and works with Windows 7 and above including Windows 11. Norascan is a very small anti-malware utility but it is able to scan and report malware of many different types including rootkits. However, it must be mentioned that Norascan does not remove any suspicious malware or malware like activity from your system.

Norascan is only 20 MB in size. After the installation it launches on its own and starts to scan your Windows PC for suspicious objects. However, if it complains of missing files, then you have to either download it again and reinstall it or you have to install Visual Basic 6 Runtimes on your system. The initial scan is pretty quick and takes only a few seconds.

The user interface of Norascan allows you to stop the current scan, start a quick scan or a full drive scan. The quick scan takes a smaller duration of time and looks for suspicious files in very well known locations. The full scan is going to go through all the files on the storage drive and is therefore going to take a long time.


Norascan has some advanced options too. We can enable options like Hunt Modus  and AI using which we can scan for malware like behavior easily. Similarly, we can enable scanning of Rootkit like behavior. We can also make it scan all the files irrespective of their file extensions.

Norascan does not remove or disinfect malware infected files. In fact, it leaves the decision to the user whether they want to quarantine the suspicious files or upload them to Noralabs server for further analysis. If you think that those suspicious files could be malware related, then you can quarantine them so that they cannot cause any harm to your Windows PC.

You can download Noralabs Norascan from